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The first law of thermodynamics asserts the existence of a state variable for a system, the internal energy, and tells how it changes in thermodynamic processes. The law allows a given internal energy of a system to be reached by any combination of heat and work. It is important that internal energy is a variable of state of the system (seeThermodynamic state) whereas heat and work are variables that describe processes or changes of the state of systems.

The first law observes that the internal energy of an isolated system obeys the principle of conservation of energy, which states that energy can be transformed (changed from one form to another), but cannot be created or destroyed


Cognition & Emotion is devoted to the study of emotion, especially of those aspects of emotion that are related to mental processes.

The journal aims to bring together work on emotion undertaken by researchers in cognitive, social, clinical, and developmental psychology, neuropsychology, and cognitive science; it also welcomes psychologically oriented submissions from those in philosophy, anthropology, sociology, and other social sciences and humanities.

Examples of topics appropriate for the journal include emotional appraisals; effects of mood or emotion on cognition and motivation; the nature of emotional experience; self-regulation of emotion; social, historical, or cultural aspects of emotion; and the nature of particular emotions or emotionality in general. (memory and learning)

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