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Without rain, there can be no flowers.

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

With any new pursuit, you HAVE to expect some sort of backlash and opposition. It's only natural for us to question anything new that comes our way. I get that. So I wanted to explain exactly why my workout videos online were filmed the way they were.

Little back story

After attending the 4-day, Tony Robbins' UPW (Unleash the Power Within) event in July of 2015, I finally had the courage to start speaking out publicly about Polykinetics on video. I made one post while at the event and then followed up back home with 5 video posts on Youtube simply demonstrating how to do a PK workout--anyway--in all honesty, the "haters" are right. My videos do look rather poorly done even though I pride myself on my professionalism. What they unfortunately don't know is that back in June of that same year, I lost my 2-story dream-like house of the last 5 years, and became in a way.....homeless.

Homeless but hopeful

My ex-husband and I had separated, and I literally had no where to go. So out of either pity or kindness (I lean towards kindness) my ex allowed me to stay at his place from time to time, until I was able to find a new apartment; therefore, regardless of my current circumstances and hardships, I went ahead and made the videos anyway in my ex's tiny kitchen which ironically was the largest room in the place.

I didn't have any post-editing talents or tools to use to make my videos look like they were filmed in a professional studio, but aesthetics really were towards the back of my mind at the time. I just never knew so much clout towards my own credibility and the credibility towards the validity of my method would be placed on the quality of those first video posts.

Time's are indeed changing!

Unlike the past, the future is holding some really promising developments. Firstly, I am in the processing of BUYING MY FIRST HOUSE with my partner so that my entrepreneurial ambitions have a place to sow and grow and really get the opportunity to thrive. We are hoping to start moving in in the first couple of weeks this April!

When I think of taking Polykinetics to the "next level" in terms of image; this is what comes to mind.

  • Large screens behind instructors that would integrate a visual-affective element to sessions and events, increasing their intensity and overall impact on participants. And no, it wouldn't be difficult to include this since the exercise moves are simplistic, it allows the brain to effectively physically do the exercise move AND take motivation from the visuals without ever being thrown off or getting "lost" in the workout sequence.

The use of a screen would also allow me to use digital key points instead of lugging around a dry-erase board. The downside? I don't have the skills nor the financial resources to make that possible right now. But very soon.....I will.

This year is the year for Polykinetics to make its greatest global impact. More video posts, more discussions, more insights from some of my favorite fitness people. Amazing stuff. I personally can't wait.

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