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“Salvation” workout NOW on YOUTUBE!

I’ve been hounded enough to where I felt it was time to make the leap from writing to SHOWING! This is my debut YouTube post “Salvation” was a solid pick 1.) Because the workout sequence demonstrates beautifully how something so simplistic can seriously kick your ass 2.) For all those screaming “I HAVE NO FUCKING TIME”; this song is only 2 minutes and 24 seconds….You have fucking time 3.) You can take this ONE of hundreds of techniques I’ve compiled and actually do it to your own music and still get results as long as you stay disciplined to the strategies. I’ve officially knocked down my last EXCUSE…..this workout is readily available to you at anyplace and anytime…and the skills are easily learned, the world officially HAS NO MORE PHYSICAL EXCUSES!!!!!!!

Don’t know where to start?? You start HERE! ….with me, you’ll learn a whole new meaning to the term “healthy living” in a way you never thought was possible! I’m here to say that it IS possible! I am proof and have dedicated my entire life into proving it every single day!!

“Salvation” by The Cranberries Moves 1 BPM 169 Focus: UPPER BODY/Sequential coordination/Speed/Bilateral coordination

Polykinetics: Intro to Bilateral Forward Punch exercise


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