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The Biggest Safety Risk When Doing Polykinetics

The short answer: Overdoing it. Physically and Mentally. A risk commonly associated with any workout program or when working with egocentric fitness trainers.

Polykinetics is all about balance, and when our confidence begins to rise as we improve physical and mental states, that balance can be thrown off if not kept in check, and can lead to excessiveness that can be 100% counterproductive on all levels and could even lead to severe injury if done badly enough. That's why if you need help honing in on your green zone...most hire trainers to assist them.

Because Polykinetics is self-teachable and so simplistic in design with the movements, ones ego could easily lead to overdoing the sequences either by excessive applied effort leading to hurting the body or by excessive time in doing this type of physical/mental therapy without proper rest, becoming in a way untethered and obsessive....because's very simplistic and very effective which makes it an easy target to overuse and that's true with MANY fitness methods....not just this one. Self-regulation is a vital skill taught within this method, and many others, and for damn good reason.

People can get hurt working out.

I've seen people get hurt doing Polykinetics.

One man in particular, who was 6 feet tall and excessively overweight let his ego get bigger than his own ability and he severely overworked a major muscle area after I told him to listen to his body, as I tell everyone, and to rest when needed.

He didn't do any of that, and his ego got the best of him

He got so caught up "in the present moment" he lost focus of the end goal (to maintain a paced consistency) and fucked himself up because he was paying more attention to me than on himself. He was looking at me, wanting to match or exceed my own personal effort (a common side effect when doing this with others), and HE HURT HIS BODY trying to mimic


Because we are 2 different bodies (one male, one female, one tall, one short, different weights and different lifestyles) and our individual bodies require different amounts of applied effort, energy and rest that only our individual selves can truly gauge because we are the only ones for the most part inhibiting our bodies.

No trainer on earth knows exactly the kind of pain or how intense that pain is....but YOU so we each MUST learn to listen to our own individual bodies and work them accordingly so we don't overwork, misuse and end up paying out the ass in hospital bills and time off work because of an injury that could have been prevented had the person not been egocentric or bullied into excessiveness by a trainer.

Humility goes very far in personal growth.

I'm speaking from my own personal experience on this one because I've been at the butt end of karma's life lessons on humility.

This is why since 2014 I've said over and over and over again that the EGO IS NOT YOUR FRIEND IN THIS METHOD! I teach people how to think more rationally, pragmatically, and logically. I teach to never let your eyes deceive you on how something that LOOKS so simple and small can impact your body and brain so MUCH and to stay conscious of that anytime when working out doing Polykinetics or any other fitness method out there.

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