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The downside to being thin.

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2007-2008 The only time in my life that I was socially perceived as “skinny” or “thin” was when I went back to Chicago, after hitting a road block in St. Louis.

I stayed with a good friend of mine and counted what money I had to live off of until I could find work. I believe after gas and a Gatorade, I had about $125 in my bag, and I hit a hardship I had never experienced before…..hunger.

Ultimately, I was having to ratio my food to a small extreme. All I could afford was a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and a package of sandwich meat once a week for over a month.

Now, during this same time of rationing my food to under 500 calories a day, I am walking around the streets of Chicago for up towards 5-7 hours, 7 days a week looking for a part time job to get at least $125 to maintain my food rationing.

Atthe end of that month, I was beyond weak, pale, very sick-ish, and ultimately shrank down to an unbelievable size 2-4 (US sizes)—the physically thinnest I’ve ever been in my adult life and a level of thin I never want to experience again.

To be constantly hungry is incredibly physically painful, and the absolute worst way to get to a smaller size.

No Thank you.

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