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The Moves, The Music, The Mindset of This Method

So the first of MANY workout videos are live on Youtube, and wanted to take a moment to further explain my intentions and strategies….

The music – The heart of Polykinetics, I choose certain songs for several reasons 1.) It motivates me regardless of the emotions they instill.  No pain in vain…so anger, sadness, hyperactivity…all become weapons to further my own physical progress and overcome life’s hardships.  I tend to use music that is new to a lot of people so that it keeps you in an element of suspense and anticipation. You’ll never know what’s coming!! 😀

Many of the songs I use have a strong significance to me, they represent the struggles, the good times, the bad times, and the ugly times I have had in my life, and when particular songs are used, I am able to allow my mind to drift off and dwell on anything that will keep my body physically moving in order to complete the workout sequence.  Music is a powerful medium to use when you allow your body to sync to its sound! You are literally building your body to the beat of the music. The music is your trainer, I am only there to tell you which moves to do and when.

The moves – Polykinetics is built on simplicity.  I keep sequences simplistic so that you are effectively working out your body instead of mentally trying to memorize complicated routines, decreasing frustration and increasing motivation to keep going!!!  By making the sequences easy-to-follow, it allows anyone to stop, if needed, and start right back up when they want too without the feeling of “losing momentum”.  A lot like jumping rope. Simplistic movement and if you stumble, just try it again until you master it.

The exercises are also ideal in the sense that they do not pose any high risks to the body….low impact, high intensity.  I’ve designed it to be demographically universal; meaning, someone who is 140lbs will struggle just as much as someone who is 240lbs! Someone with sensitive areas can effective build up their bodies without worry of injuries.  This is something I’ve been getting a lot of heat over because “they look too easy”, and to that I say, try it!  PHYSICALLY try them. You’ll gain a whole new perspective on the meaning of getting fit, as well as, offer you a new, excuse proof way to workout anytime and anywhere

The mentality/mindset – This is a universal one with some pragmatic differences. I believe in pushing yourself as far as YOU know YOUR body can go. No one knows that limit but you. I also believe in overcoming obstacles that stand in your way of your own successes.

Most importantly, allow yourself a way to literally “workout your problems” or using the happiest times of your life to give you extra momentum to go ALL OUT in a sequence. This is not a method based on social VANITY, but one that stands for individual VICTORY! I want to show the world that there is someone out there that completely understands and can relate to them on a profound level. I know the struggles because I’ve lived them first hand.

Empathy and empowerment is the name of this game!

Never let stereotypes and stigmas hold you back from what you were born to do!

Stay strong and press on!!!!!


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