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The “Shawshank Strategy”

In the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” –The lead character, Andy, wanted to build-out the prison’s library, and everyone thought it was an ABSOLUTE waste of time; except for him. His intentions were positively motivated, as well as, profoundly focused, and he went forth in writing letters to the state with his request. –In the movie, he writes a letter every week, but initially gets no response; therefore, he persists, and continues to write a letter a week despite the odds against him. When the state finally responded, sending him a small donation…he didn’t stop! He saw that it worked, and he up’ed his ante and began writing them now two letters a week, and after several YEARS, was wildly successful in his pursuits; building an amazing library for the prisoners.



–An outstanding story and life lesson on how powerful passionate and persistent people can be when they truly believe in what they are fighting for. I call it naturally, the “Shawshank Strategy”.

Now, I have hit a moment in my journey where I have begun to implement this strategy for the very first time.  I do expect it to take awhile, but I DO expect to eventually get one. Like the character Andy, the odds are against me, but I know what I want, I know what I need, and I know who to set my focus on…..

Where does this confidence come from? It comes from knowing that I am completely obsessed about Polykinetics regardless of how unconventional it may seem to others….how “crazy” I may appear. I understand their perspectives even though I don’t accept them as a reality or fact –This absolutely consumes my entire world; it’s all I think about. I can’t help it!!!!  I’ve even started having dreams about it when I sleep, and most importantly, I know my intentions are pure of heart…they are positively motivated, which alleviates any guilt or shame. I envision all that I am going to accomplish with Polykinetics every single moment I am left alone with my own thoughts because every little bit, even a single thought can lead you down a path of great accomplishments.


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