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The vertical core crunch (VCC) exercise using iMuscle 2™ app images and illustrations

I have an app I paid for that I really love to learn about as much as I can about the different areas of the body, and one area that I love most is that they offer every single body-weight exercise you can possibly imagine doing with the human body. Tons of amazing information and animations on how to do all of these exercises properly.

I wanted to share the most popular and frequently used body-weight exercise within the Polykinetics method with information provided for using the iMuscle 2™ app to describe the vertical core crunch exercise. At the bottom of this post will be all the benefits of this particular exercise; physically and mentally. I expect skeptics, but again, none of what I'm sharing is new, just not well-known. There's a difference. Moving on.

NOTE: The app only shows this exercise being performed using a don't need this machine to this this exercise. Little upset they don't show it without the machine, but maybe they'll read this and update their information.

STEP 1: Stand up nice and tall, shoulders back, head up, and arms can actually be used in several different ways--I'll get into that in a future post---to change the focus area in the core, or, change the intensity of the impact of the exercise, the arms can be positioned in several ways depending on what you want.

The choice is yours when you workout alone.

In a class, the instructor will tell you exactly what to do and where to put your arms, but for the sake of this it's in terms of someone exercising alone.

STEP 2: Lean slightly forward and contract the core muscles, pulling the shoulders forward as you lean forward and downward. This is actually 2 really small moves molded into one.