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There IS A Difference Between EASY and SIMPLE.

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Nothing but a sea of pain faces after just a few minutes into a workout; even though a full session is between 20-25 minutes long.

I’ll admit this method is a little bit like a visual illusion, but that’s part of the beauty in it. Clients come in thinking this way, and they leave with a whole new perspective in mind, and an intense burning in their ass! I make sure of it as an instructor.

To date…..I haven’t had one….single….person….. successfully survive an entire session without stopping. Hell, at my last gym demo I spent more time correcting forms, and keeping clients on beat, rather than, hitting them with everything Polykinetics had to offer.

One GUY even stopped after a single song!!! ONE SONG!!

Now these are people who workout regularly with personal trainers and within the gym scenes. It even left the gym owner himself scratching his head and a beautiful perplexed look on his face. That, “how in the hell did you do that” expression. That one always leaves me with a great sense of pride and a small smile.


But it IS easy-to-follow. Those are 2 very different things. Simplistic in no way means easy! It will without a doubt challenge your body and mind in ways you never imagined were possible; simply because, it was designed to do so.

I can’t say how many times my hands and legs would shake during sessions, and how hard it was to push through that pain threshold, and to keep going, but the pain I spent years suppressing, hurt so much more than what my body was experiencing.

REAL Progress is painful, but that’s how you grow. Using fire to fight fire. That’s why I’ll always use myself as an example of, “If I can endure this pain, then so can you!”

My non-threatening, and somewhat, unconventional fitness appearance is nothing more than my strategy to get the average Dick or Jane to try Polykinetics for themselves, and thanks to stereotypes, it works nearly every time!

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