Tony Robbins to Shark Tank

For the last several years, I have been persistently unsuccessful with getting Tony Robbins’ attention about Polykinetics, however, my partner planted a new idea in my that I hadn’t thought to be remotely plausible…….Shark Tank---Immediately, I blew it off, but then went back to my skepticism, and began to let my mind wonder unrestricted.

My partner is an avid watcher of the show.  I am not. However, I love the conversations and laughs we share talking about various people and projects lucky enough to make it that far on the show—and just like that, in the midst of one of our nonchalant conversations, I started roll calling all of the general questions I would imagine they would be asking.

My partner helped me fill in a few extras I had no clue on, and then I sat and looked at everything collectively for days on end……and the more I looked, the stronger my confidence grew. Regardless of anything comes to this moment. It sure would be a unique way of getting my method on the mainstream map.  I’m currently looking into the process because ……you never know.

My goal is to take a bite out of Zumba.

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