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Top 3 out-of-my-league Polykinetics' ambitions

Besides the very obvious ambition of wanting to help others to get fit and healthy the “simplistic, smart way” –I also have a few other, rather unknown and deep-seeded ambitions I hope to be successful with as I continue my progress with this venture

1.) Go International! Reach a level of notable success to where I can afford to tour around the country (and maybe even internationally….hey, anything is possible!) speaking particularly to middle school and high school students about the long term effects and affects of extreme bullying. Have them hear it, first-hand, from a straightforward and brutally honest perspective of the very real and long term effects their actions can have on each other, as well as, simultaneously offer hope to the ones who are being bullied by showing them what they can achieve just as long as they DON’T GIVE UP ON LIFE. –This is my wild attempt to prevent as many suicide victims due to bullying as I physically can. (My ode to my father’s memory and the life lesson he left me)

–I feel this is a tough love perspective, but a vital one that I don’t hear about when I see others speaking out about the aftermath that bullying causes. I am now, 12 years post high school and for several years after graduating, I continued to have VIOLENT nightmares, ultimately resulting in, being diagnosed with a handful of neurological/psychological disorders in 2005, all stemming from my own experiences with being a bullying victim turned survivor; but most importantly, show to both sides of this life-threatening preventable problem of how to overcome extreme hardships that life can sometimes throw at them…regardless of who they are or which side they fall on. Teach them how to take their negatives and perceive them in a positive and beneficial way.  The goal being not to single out one side or the other, but rather to possibly instill a little humanitarian understanding with a social cause that I have dedicated the last 20+ years of my life too.

2.) Build up the Polykinetics' community! I would love to be able to work directly with individuals who, like myself, struggle daily with various disorders, such as: depression, extreme anxiety, PTSD, and even those who have endured certain brain-effected injuries since Polykinetics itself focuses on enhancing various different types of motor and coordination skills. –A spinoff idea from the work of Gottfried Schlaug M.D., Ph.D (Harvard Medical School) who has researched and studied the neurological power of music with stroke patients to study the changes in brain activity and responsiveness when a patient is listening to a certain type of music. In his work, he calls this strategy, “intense melodic training”; parallel to the strategy used within Polykinetics. I would love to see how other people living with different types of neurological and psychological disorders respond to Polykinetics, and compare their reactions with my own experiences; which to me have literally been a life-saving outlet for me for the last 17 months. (not so humble opinion)

And lastly…..

3.) Take my research to the best and put it to the test....under an fMRI! I REALLY want to get together with a university-lead department and have full neurological, physiological and psychological testings done of Polykinetics. –As my 5 year old says, “everything on the menu” –I really want to see the how far this method can reach when picked and probed by those who have much more extensive knowledge in these areas of science than I do. I feel I have just scraped the surface of what all is happening simultaneously inside the body and brain when someone is doing a Polykinetics workout when what happens when it’s combined with Dr. Schlaug’s “intense melodic training”. Then take those results and directly compare them to other types of fitness methods….TRULY see how Polykinetics adds up--–I’d even wear that funny looking swimmers cap with all the electrodes coming off of it if I had to. I have a profound interest in physically witnessing what happens to the brain's level of activity when participants are doing a session. See which areas of the brain are most active, and which areas are not.

I was told from an interested university that when it comes to getting formal tests performed on pretty much anything all comes down to money. Most of these researchers already have their grant money tied into other projects. So either I can find a team with money and nothing to research (unlikely) or, I raise the money myself.

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