Watch out Zumba™! The Polykinetics instructors certification program is officially in the works!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

To date, there are approximately 100,000 Zumba™ certified instructors, but the real number could actually be much higher since those at Zumba™ do not release their official numbers to the public out of fear of blacklash from their over-saturation of "instant instructor certifications" who are now challenged with competing against each other for clients and students, which just makes me cringe to a whole new level---For me, it simply gives off an impression that some are more into making their money by having people "pay to pass", rather than producing quality and valuable leaders for their clients and students

---luckily, in Polykinetics, the quality and performance standards for instructors is much higher, and a little longer than Zumba because I come from a background of elevated quality standards and a stricter line of discipline than most dancer-style instructors.

I knew, one day, I would want to bring forth a formal testing and certification process that would allow mental health and fitness professionals and fanatics an opportunity to offer Polykinetics to their friends, family, clients and patients. The ulterior motive is to push more industry leaders to promote and encourage the use of a physical exercise program of ANY KIND to those they know are struggling with their symptoms.

With that said, I am thrilled to report that the Polykinetics instructor certification process is officially under way and should be available to accepting applications by this Spring!

--Meanwhile....I am currently scouting through my social media platforms and physically out in my Midwestern town looking for those first few with the courage, ambition, and dedication to step up and help pave a new road of relief for others.

I have the first of many public training workshop planned for mid-May, as well as, reaching out to as many mental health and exercise-related professionals as I physically can, as hard as I can from now until then. This is exactly where I get my golden reputation for be persistent pain in the ass from, and now I get the chance to put that trait to good use.

Unlike other methods, being certified for Polykinetics will be a bit more extensive than a single 8-hour day that supposedly prepares someone to learn all there is and lead a class, I vaguely thought about doing such a process, however, the feedback from the participants of this kind of "instant instructor" certification is failing to instill the confidence and knowledge into their new instructors.

From what I have read, many are left feeling unsure or unprepared to go out and create their own classes, setup public demonstrations, talk to interested students or pitch it to a gym in hopes of getting hired. This process is a bit more extensive. In the beginning, my initial training lasted 21 consecutive days at 3-5 hours each and every day, but for the sake of aggressive, global expansion, I've managed to find a efficient and complete way of condensing it down into a 3-day workshop and following up with continued education plans for those who pass the initial certification process. To become an instructor for Polykinetics, is just the first step, and will set the scene to recruit a "quality over quantity" standard.

The general blueprint will go as follows:

DAY 1: The Madness behind the Method and the kinesiology of Polykinetics:


A nice personal intro, a small discussion and then the fun REALLY begins! Right from the start I will jump right into the breakdown of the most common exercise moves within Polykinetics and into the science behind how and why these exercises are so effective on the brain and the body. Furthermore, potential instructors will also learn:

  • How to utilize the exercise moves and other fitness-focused strategies seamlessly into daily life---revealing my secret "hidden opportunities" hack that has helped me personally maintain my fitness focus on a daily basis, and maintain a high level of conscious awareness (not obsession or excessive worry) at all times without it feeling or being overwhelming.

  • How to do the infamous Polykinetics' VCC™ (vertical core crunch) and BFP (bilateral forward punch) exercises along with all of the kinetic variations---including the fun and oddball technical terminology and cues I use to lead a successful session.

  • How to incorporate free weights into the exercises without disrupting the overall flow of the session.

  • How to use the PK intensity scale to either make exercise moves more intense or more relaxed

  • How to sequence moves into workouts, and

  • How to incorporate other body-weight exercises in order to create more dynamic and challenging workout sequences.

Additionally, potential instructors will learn how to sequence exercise moves into a Polykinetics breakdown and then that breakdown into a kinetic sequence, and lastly, how to infuse other popular exercises with the Polykinetics technique in order to create more dynamic workouts sequences.

DAY 2: The neurology of Polykinetics


This day is dedicated to the wonderful world of music and its melodic influences as it pertains to the Polykinetics method and to each of us individually. I wanted to focus on how music affects and effects us in several areas, particularly, music's neurological impact on the biological brain. In hopes others will make better choices when choosing their melodic influences that surpass artists' ability to look good and put on an entertaining show. This shifts awareness towards just picking music because it sounds good, and offers a new perspective at how to look at music all together---along with all the cool, edgy, science fun facts, I'll also be teaching instructors how to chose effective songs to sequence, how to compose a sequence based on a song's particular composition. As well as:

  • How to compose and create a "kinetic breakdown" combining the moves and music.

  • How to determine and record a song's BPM (beats per minute) and how to use those measurements to create customized sessions for their future students.

  • How to coordinate songs into effective sessions

  • How to effectively use the speed and intensity interval scale when composing kinetic sequences, and......

  • How to create a master sequence log to help keep their songs and workouts nice and orderly so they may create sessions quick and easy.

DAY 3: The psychology of Polykinetics:


Lastly, and maybe most importantly, day 3 will be solely focused on the fundamental mindset and mentality that helps keep clients compliant to their training and instructors engaged in a client's progress every step of the way. My most important lesson is to instill into others that they're not alone, only now, this is no longer just a cute quip on a motivational poster or bumper sticker; that there is a systematic way to use the moments of loneliness and isolation that can be utilized into a more positive and beneficial way that will help them constructively get through their various challenges and stresses.

This is most likely the most extensive area of Polykinetics, since as we all know, a crappy mentality never leads to a happy life; and with so many people too easily prone to falling for maladaptive actions, opinions, perspectives and beliefs, that they don't stop and learn how to shift that focus off of others and balance it with focus on their own well being.

To often I come across others who solely "live for others". While these people are priceless treasures to humanity, it's a setup for failure in reality. Too many are taking the concept of "giving" to such an extreme that they completely neglect their own needs. This section will overwhelmingly remind them if they are not well, than those they care for are not well either. Drilling in the importance that they must take care of themselves if they want to take care of others. To be a Polykinetics instructor is to be able to live by example for others to follow and look towards as a trusted source.

The psychology aspect is a collection of literally nearly a lifetime collection of various cognitive behavioral techniques, personal experiences, and what I have personally learned directly from industry leaders and professionals---amazingly insightful perspectives from some of the most brilliant minds to ever grace the earth.

There is a strong emphasis on neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology. Pretty much, teaching others how you can be optimistic yet still be a realist at the same time without coming off as condescending or a flat out hypocrite. Really, this part to me comes off as nothing more than good ol' common sense. The majority of the information I'll be teaching comes from so many past life influences of mine: martial arts, world famous motivational speakers, leading doctors in mental health, highly respected universities and researchers. Information and techniques that have been vital tools in the saving of my physical life from an emotional devastation.

Ultimately......this workshop is going to be intense, fun, weird, awkward, comical, painful, exciting and profound to say the least, but no doubt it will absolutely change so many lives, like it has for me for the last six years. I personally and honestly credit a combination of Polykinetics and having a plant-based diet in keeping my Major Depression and life disrupting symptoms at bay, keeping me on track with my goals, keeping myself always thinking about my health in terms of looking for ways of helping it, instead of hurting it, and now, here I am, emerging from the shadows to put my fears of judgment aside in order to teach others---a truly surreal time.

PS ----- If you personally know of someone who would be an ideal candidate to become a certified instructor for Polykinetics (personal trainers, gym owners, mental health professionals, fitness fanatics who know how to connect with others empathetically and compassionately ---Please encourage them to reach out to me. This process can be done in person, online, or a combination of both depending on location.

Each instructor is taught the systematic Polykinetics process and how to add their own individual style to the mix that infuses a little uniqueness to each and every instructor. Giving them a major advantage in the overall fitness market, and more freedom as a professional. Once instructors are certified they will be given free range to use Polykinetics as they choose whether it's streaming workouts online, creating group or private classes....whatever their amazing minds can think of as long as instructors stay true to the ethics and values of the Polykinetics method.

I'm looking into aggressively expanding my efforts this year in particular; with the goal of a phenomenal and groundbreaking opportunity for those who are as passionate about utilizing exercise to tackle mental illness as I am.

Basic requirements for certification:

  • Must be 18 and over (a junior kinetic instructor certification process for those 15-17 years old will be available in 2021)

  • Must complete all 3 days of the training process in order to take the written certification exam

  • Must be compliant with all continued education materials provided by the Khan Academy. (Nothing extreme, I promise!) This ensures that instructors are keeping themselves up-to-date with the latest information and advances surrounding the world of fitness or mental health.

  • Must have the capacity and ambition to be taught and effectively know how to teach and lead others.

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