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Week 4 of $10,000 Operation Transformation Challenge!

Today starts week #4 of a fitness competition I entered myself into sponsored by a local company.

I had some solid goals and motivations on getting through 8 weeks of hell for an opportunity to make life a little better for my family and of course hit a couple fitness-related goals.

Current weight: 139lbs (about 19-24 lbs more than it should be for my height)

BMI: 26 (high for my height)

Visceral Fat level: 8 (healthy range)

About the competition:

8 weeks long

Best body composition improvements and

there are more than 13, people entered.

I hoping for a few things to happen during this competition.

  1. Break below 135lbs. Bringing my total weight loss to 102lbs lost since my highest recorded weight of 237lbs.

  2. Give Polykinetics a small spotlight since this is the exercise program I'm utilizing.

If I win it could be a big boost of support to the gym I work at, myself and to Polykinetics. I am hoping to also impress my new partners---the ones who are working with me to bring Polykinetics in front of the right people.

Discipline of diet is the most challenging part of this process by far. Temptations at every corner, and I'm constantly reminding myself I'm actively in a competition and in "training" absolutely no slip ups, cheat treats, or "mood moments", I have to be strict if my exercises are going to work as good as I know they do!

This will be particularly hard with Thanksgiving coming up and all the Christmas candy and sweet treats that I literally work the rest of the year for to indulge in during this time.

Yea.....not this year.

Sacrificing that pleasure for something bigger!

And some days I struggle more than others, but so far so good.

I haven't dropped out yet, and I'm tightening up everything to the max this last half of the competition!!

I can do this.

I know I can do this.

I've done this before

I know I can do it again.

I want to win this competition more than I want junk food right now.

Meditation is helping me get through the psychological "cravings".

Pray for me! :-)

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