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When fitness trainers care more about looking good than doing good

We all look into getting into working out and getting fit for various reasons. Over the years, I have been associated with numerous mainstream fitness trainers on all type of success levels, and there is one particular type of fitness trainer that concerns me more than most.

The vanity driven fitness trainer, and they are NUMEROUS!!!

First off, yes I know I am considered "fat" to many people and to others not so's all about who I ask and how they feel when I ask. I get several different answers, and again, getting a six pack or a Kim Kardashian ass is NOT MY GOAL with physical fitness.

It's to help alleviate the symptoms I experience due to having chronic depression and anxiety with a super strict focus on safety because I have children to raise and a house to maintain.

Exercising for me helps to relieve the emotional and mental pressure I feel on a daily basis due to overactive adrenal glands, heart palpitations and tachycardia in partnership with negative thought cycling and flashbacks due to PTSD.....I couldn't care less about how I look in a damn bikini.

I'm simply trying to survive an illness to which the number 1 cause of death for is suicide.

Egocentric trainers very much do care about image and aesthetics. These people tout half naked images and videos excessively, and are more likely to tell you you are the problem if you can't keep up with their ability rather than catering their knowledge (or lack thereof) to your needs wants, and physical ability.


You tell them...."I can't do _____ due to _____"

They tell you in return, "yes you can if you just try hard enough" ...they talk you into trying, you get hurt, they blame you for it.

That's a common one among them....instead of removing whatever the problematic and potentially dangerous exercise is they push a dangerous "mind over matter" mindset that can lead to injuries and frustrations because they wanted to show off and boost their ego.

You're not really getting anything other than a show off posing as someone to help you get to "a better quality of life."

Now again before I get the hate mail....know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of mindset if that is in fact what you are wanting in a trainer. Some people really do enjoy the abuse---a way of thinking that I'm afraid I continue fail to understand most times, but hey, to each their own.

It's also profitable too!

Shaun T has made MILLIONS off of this manipulating ass psychological technique because it does work with SOME people, but not most and definitely not towards those who deep rooted traumatic pasts and/or limited physical mobility.

Those without all the muscles and abs and endurance. The one who need more specialized attention to detail when it comes to this type of therapeutic outlet for physical and mental health.

The exercise moves used by egocentric trainers are extremely complex and dangerous, and the mindset is flawed, but yet they are now confidently marketing themselves as not only physical fitness experts but mental health experts as well without ever realizing the hurt they are bringing to people who are already hurting in more ways than one.

I don't work this way, and I don't teach this way.

Polykinetics is deeply rooted in humility and understanding that your ego can do more harm than good when it's put under certain pressures, and to above all LISTEN IN ORDER TO LEAD.

Many "fitness experts" are still lacking this lesson so all I can say is buyer beware when choosing a trainer to work with or listen to.

Recently, I had a Facebook fall out with a fitness trainer from Ireland who befriended me many months ago and was a visitor several times to my website, but I ended up called him out on "showboating" in his videos

One video in particular was one where he was positioned on his knees and then IMPRESSIVELY jumps up and lands in a squatted position on one foot. Cute trick but not remotely realistic to the average Dick or Jane Citizen. He was literally looking to show off to all the other trainers he was associated with, including myself.

Before blocking started to ensue, he did try to criticize my level of ability after he very much knew I don't work out on video to look like a badass as he does, but he continued to talk down about my work with Polykinetics.

However in an ironic twist of events....he ended up actually changing his MO on his videos on his TikTok (@evokecareco) and now utilizes the body weight rhythmic coordination technique used within Polykinetics that helps to workout the body safer and smarter than what he was doing before. A major improvement if I may say.

Hopefully now even he to will be done with all the "you should hire me because I can do cool trick on social media" story and start working smarter not harder when it comes to training himself and others.

I truly do wish him the best because ultimately that's my purpose with Polykinetics....spread the love and knowledge that all of the craziness that we see in these workout videos. "Insanity"..... "most extreme"....the truth is unless you are extensively conditioned for that type of activity, those workouts could end up costing you hundreds if not thousands in hospital bills and lost wages from work simple due to an overactive ego.

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