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What To do When Life Hits You

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Like Tony Robbins and so many others are always talking about, we can't always prevent shitty things from happening to us day-to-day, but we absolutely do have the choice/ability/power to use that pain, stress and frustration to our betterment. There are a plethora of different ways of achieving this.....Polykinetics is merely a new choice for people to look at.

Yesterday, I took a devastating blow to my overall progress, both personally and professionally, and for the last 24 hours, I've been allowing myself to express whatever emotions come at me because I know in time, they all eventually will, so might as well not hide, buck the f*ck up a little bit, and run towards the bullshit head on with a die-hard fighter mentality rather than just stand there and let it consume me either quickly or slowly over time. I made a promise to myself ever since starting Polykinetics, that I will lean on that as much as I physically, mentally and emotionally can when I need to.......times like these.

My biggest challenge during "bad times" is triggering another depressive episode. I'm not afraid of too many things in life, but honestly, nothing scares me more than depression. It's a physical and mental pain and type of torment I still struggle with finding words intense enough to give those episodes any justice. I type this. I will be utilizing my own method (starting at a single set and progressing from there) solely to help me keep myself safe from the risk of falling victim to depression again. This is a very intense hardship so there is always a chance my method could fail. hasn't yet. xx

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