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When you're happy, focus on cardio! When you're angry, focus on weights.

In order for Polykinetics to "work", your current mental state must be the focus of your session. How you feel when you first start a sequence will tell you if you should be focusing more on cardio or more on strength training. At many times, you'll find yourself using a combination of both during every single session.

When I'm more on the happy-go-lucky, carefree, everything-is-awesome state, I ALWAYS focus on more upbeat songs and faster tempos, naturally, pushing my body to do more carefree cardio than strict form strength training. I like to focus on form and weights when life itself feels heavy and restricting. I push all my frustrated effort and energy into each individual exercise execution while my mind dwells over and over about the bullshit that motivated me to workout in the first place.

It is imperative that your current mood match the moves you use, the music you play, and the mindset you harbor throughout the duration of the sequence and session.

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