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Where there is light there is dark

Where there's light, there's dark.

Love it or hate it, it is what it is.

However, to flat out ignore, suppress, or socially shame someone for simply existing in a certain me, is fucking dangerous. It creates that "ticking time bomb" behavioral effect that I see with many people who choose violent and even deadly paths following major upsets in life regarding to people, places or things.

Not everyone is shy, soft, sweet and meek when exposing others to the dark sides of their moon. Reality states most unfortunately don't reach out to someone sensitive in a warm white lit private room away from others gently holding each others hands......oh no.

Save that shit for the movies, but life is a hell of a lot uglier than that for many people.

They are EXPLOSIVELY angry and LLLLLLOOOOOUUUUUDDDDDDD, they scream and are ultimately ignored and some even publicly shamed for their very vocal warning signs of pain becoming too much for them all because they didn't show their struggles and vulnerabilities in an aesthetically pleasing way to the people around them.

And I'm sorry, but not every single moment in life will be all peace, love and happiness with gentle strolls through the storm. Many times life requires you to get a little angry, to get a little aggressive and take some productive action towards bettering ourselves and/or others, and pretending otherwise is why we lose so many to suicide each and every year.

By the way, the "explosively angry" person I was speaking of above tragically took their own life shortly after a major argument with their workplace supervisor. I'll be touching on workplace toxicity later on....

But look....It's OK to get angry, but what's not OK is to lash out uncontrollably, take it out destructively against yourself or others. Instead try to focus and find your own unique constructive way of functioning in a fucked up world that rarely cares about addressing those profoundly less-than-lovely emotions that we ALL endure as human beings.

It's more than possible as long as you live with passion, and I hope this post inspires you to go out and find yours in your own authentic ass-kicking way.

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