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Why Did The Dalai Lama Call Anger "Unnatural"?

The Dalai Lama's post on Facebook inflamed a few to say the least over his stance to simply denounce, ignore, suppress and go as far as call "unnatural" the very real and very human experience of anger.

Feel free to read that Facebook post and the hundreds of responses here!

Now, although I am not a religious person by any means, I perfectly understand the Dalai Lama's position to be all love and light, and simply, well pretty much IGNORE the dark parts that MAKE US ALL HUMAN BEINGS, however, most of us on planet earth, were not raised in his exact environment, therefore I feel he has little to no empathetic experiences to share in order to connect with those who struggle with anger-related issues or even those who like myself CONSTRUCTIVELY USE ANGER (simply a negatively charged emotional energy) to beget a positive physical outcome.

Here was my response posted to the Polykinetics' Facebook page.

Perhaps that's my privilege over even himself because I am in a body and in a life and environment where I am 100% free to feel and to heal from which ever emotions are distressing me the most and yes sir....the majority of the most distressing emotion is....ANGER.


That's also the same deal with literally HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of other people who struggle with mood/emotion deregulation challenges that one would expect to experience with a number of different illnesses or injuries to the head vital to keeping those pesky emotions properly regulated through a combination of complex neurochemical processing and neuroelectrical signaling that happens in tandem at a speed faster than a single blink of an eye.

Yea ok! And the man had the audacity to talk about the "scientists now"....oh please!

With all due respect, his advice was not only extremely short sighted and out of touch with the whole "mental health movement" but be potentially dangerous to those who are already in emotionally vulnerable positions who look towards people like him for VIABLE SOLUTIONS!!

The very things this method has been preaching about for the last 7+ years.

Being who he is and the power he has held onto for how many decades now?, you'd think he'd know that about people, but obviously, he unfortunately doesn't. Ouch.

On a last note....keep in mind....not one single championship trophy I ever won throughout my years of competing was ever done so by thinking happy, sweet, sugary thoughts going into a challenge......not one.

Food for thought.

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