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Why I had to drastically shift my fitness progress….

Life can place some oddball challenges in our way; forcing us to find ways either around, through or under them.  One unique challenge I have had to tackle is keeping my fitness progress balanced.  When I first began building this method, I was in a position to be able to drop as much body fat and shrink my frame to my liking.  –Shopping for new clothes was always my favorite reward for the hard work I was doing each day. It was great! Until I became homeless.

Since last August I have been tackling the fallout of my marriage, working diligently to get myself healthy in order to rebuild a new life for myself and my daughter; and throughout the process, I’ve lost most of what I had, including most of my clothes.  I could only take with me what I could fit into my suitcase and backpack….choosing to pack tank tops and hoodies over blouses and pencil skirts, turning in my high heels for my sneakers, and donating the rest.  At first, it was’t as life altering, but as weeks passed and my fitness ambitions continued to progress, I naturally continued to drop sizes in my clothes.–Again normally an awesome milestone, until I began to realize that I was actually running out of clothes to wear, and at that moment I knew that I had to shift my focus sharply from continuing to make physical progress, to having to maintain my current size so that I wouldn’t be faced with a financial difficulty of trying to replace them.  –Buying new clothes as easily as I could when I first created this method was no longer a logical option to me. Therefore, maintaining my progress, instead of being able to further advance them, became my only option in order to keep from losing anymore of the few articles I did still have. Sad part is that having to replace your clothes due to your hard work is normally a empowering feeling of personal accomplishment, but in my particular journey, that feeling is overshadowed by the lack of resources I have to utilize at the moment. I know with everything in me, it will not stay this way for much longer…..there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Above all, I know when the dust finally settles, and the storm is finally past me, I will be able to pick right back up towards accomplishing the rest of my fitness derived goals, but until then………fitness maintenance is the name of my game.

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