Upper body weight Workout Sequence For Emotional Fitness: Salvation by The Cranberries

Updated: Feb 8

Moves = 1 Variations = 0 Beats Per Minute (BPM) = 169 Area of Focus (AOF) = Upper body/Arms - Core supports the upper body. Overall Difficulty = Moderate (If you want to increase the difficulty = add free weights/dumbbells but stay cautious)


0:00 – 0:11 = Intro/Stretch arms!

0:12 – 0:55 = BILATERAL FORWARD PUNCH (BFP)/J2 –Closed: keep arms close to the torso/sides but not touching! Back-n-forth motion.

0:56 – 0:57 = PAUSE!!!

0:58 – 2:21 = BFP/J2…same as before! —Maintain form + speed!!

2:22 – 2:24 = DROP ARMS – DONE!

Maintain form + focus on staying consistent with the tempo. You must remain mindful and focused at all times!

Video tutorial with cameo appearance by Madison:

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