As we all know, teens face a vast range of social and mental challenges during this time, and with cyberbullying on the rise, those challenges are tougher than ever, but that's why we show them, that they are tough as well. With Polykinetics, teens are introduced to a whole new way of looking at physical fitness, as well as, placing a strong importance on their mental health, and explaining how the two directly effect each other.

A common challenge with teens is that many are not super enthusiastic about sharing their deepest and darkest moments to those around them, including counselors and mental health professionals; which is why talk-style therapies only go so far, but with Polykinetics, talking is 100% a choice, not a requirement or demand.  They just simply need to be able to follow the instructor and complete the workout sequence.  We don't pressure teens to talk if they don't want to or that they feel they can't, but we greatly encourage them to do so when they are ready. 

Each session instills the importance of both, physical and mental fitness as it improves areas of: endurance, motivation, attention, strength, mental focus, self-control, self-respect, stress management, cognition, decision making, thought processing and mental resilience; with the goal of providing them with a healthy and essential tool they can utilize whenever they need it in order to help convert their daily stresses into a life improving strength.  By doing so, it can drastically reduce the chances of teens developing maladaptive behaviors and negative thought patterns that often lead to mental illnesses and disorders later in life.  Each session is filled with the music they love, moves that require little effort and a mentality that will build their confidence and celebrate their individuality, one sequence at a time.