Mental health management on a physical level
A global problem requires a global solution

Mental health awareness has reached an all time high.  What was not known just 30 years ago, is now becoming common knowledge. 


Polykinetics is the first fitness method of its kind to be dedicated solely on improving mental AND physical health and vitality by utilizing strategic coordinated and consistent rhythmic movements for a given period of time---not to be confused with dancing.


These are called kinetic sequences, and they're used in combination with various aspects of cognitive strategies while simultaneously utilizing many styles of music genres that not only motivate and sets the pace of the workout session, but optimizes mental states and mindsets into peak performance.


Mental illnesses and disorders are a global concern.  It effects hundreds of millions of people of all colors, classes, creeds, abilities, ages and backgrounds, therefore Polykinetics is designed to be virtually demographically universal to any lifestyle.


Lastly, Polykinetics also helps to improve metabolic rate, while improving overall mental clarity and focus by increasing oxygen intake and blood circulation to the brain which helps to decrease symptom intensity and occurrence; allowing participants to experience better quality of life all day, every day without feeling drained of physical energy.

"Out of clutter, find simplicity; from discord, find harmony and in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

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