Since 2014, Polykinetics has been the "mental health fitness" method, and 1st of its kind to use the simple elements of multi-genre music, body weight exercise movement and an empowering mindset (mentality) that focuses to improving both mental AND physical health at the same time in order to bring forth a better quality of daily life and all in less than 20 minutes!


Polykinetics is smart, effective, simplistic and ideal for fitness beginners, busy lifestyles, chaotic environments, or for those who may have limited energy or ability who can't dedicate 30 or 45 minutes or MORE to traditional classes!

Polykinetics specializes in the foundational building blocks of physical fitness. Utilizing unique exercises like the "vertical core crunch" and "bilateral forward punch" which help to quickly and safely build up key muscle groups of the body and brain without leaving you exhausted, or worse, injured.

All the benefits of two traditional classes, in one simple and effective method.


The Polykinetics difference.

The moves or "workout" part within Polykinetics is called a kinetic sequence.


These kinetic sequences are comprised of between 1-3 basic body-weight style exercises, repeating in a particular rhythmic pattern, that are then coordinated to particular types of music to invoke an affective (emotional) response.


The practice of doing this style of working out is what's known as "kinetic meditation"

Lastly, empowering and motivational mindset strategies are utilized throughout the session that helps us to feel in order to heal, logically define and comprehend our difficult experiences, as well as, understanding how to work with the emotions attached to our memories with science-backed strategies that take life to the next level one simple session at a time.

How do we do that in Polykinetics?



Music is universal and motivating; and the choices are endless with Polykinetics.

If it holds a beat to the ear, and holds a place in your heart, then it's "PK compatible" and can be transformed into a powerful way of dealing with difficult emotions and our ability to express it in an adaptive and productive way.

Our individual experiences are so vast and unique, just like music itself which makes it the ideal medium to making movement magic!

Feeling happy and hyper

There's a song and sequence for that.


Perhaps a lot less love and light?

There's a song and sequence for that state too!

...and that's just one of the amazing immediate benefits about music, its effects on the brain; and how music is used within the Polykinetics method.

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"Out of clutter, find simplicity; from discord, find harmony, and in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein